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Movie - Kaiguo dadian (1989)

I've looked Kaiguo dadian movie (The Birth of New China).

Movie Is being made - in 1989.


China's submission to the 1990 Academy Awards Oscars in the Best Foreign Film category.
In the spring and summer of 1949, the People's Liberation Army launch an loathsome beneath the instructions of Mao Zedong and Zhu De, they cross the Yangtze River and Nanjing be released against April 23 which signaled the seep of the KMT regime, Chiang Kai-Shek break away from to Taiwan; on October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong erect on the rostrum of Tiananmen, gravely declared the beginning of the People's Republic of China.
Color Info: Color
Countries: China
Genres: Drama, History
Languages: Mandarin
Runtimes: 163
Release Dates: China:1989

In movie played:

Guo Fazeng (actor)

Yue Gu (actor)
Death Notes: Lingui District, Guangxi Province, China (acute myocardial infarction)
Birth Notes: Hankou, Hubei Province, China
Birth Name: Hu, Shixue
By the time he died, he had played Mao Zedong in 84 movies and TV series., An orphan who started out in a performing troupe of the People's Liberation Army at the age of 11, he built an entire career out of his striking resemblance to Chinese leader Mao Zedong, acting that role in more than 80 movies and TV series., Former Chinese soldier who shot to major film recognition due to his striking resemblance to Mao Tse-tung., Was first recruited by Marshal Ye Jianying to play Chairman Mao in 1978, two years after the Chinese leader's death.
Death Date: 2 July 2005
Birth Date: 1937

Kai Huang (actor)

Huaizheng Liu (actor)

Feihu Sun (actor)

Qiankuan Li (director)

Guiyun Xiao (director)

Fanghai Wu (editor)


By the way This movie in search engines is found also by requests mao, chinese-history

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